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Dating a Woman Whose Heart Has Been Broken

Dating a Woman Whose Heart Has Been Broken

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When you date a woman whose heart has been badly broken, there are some things that can help your relationship get off to a good start, regardless of the odds the two of you will face. Here are five ways to try:

Assure her that you are NOT the one who broke her heart. When a woman has been hurt, it’s easy to transfer the problems into a new relationship. She may be extra cautious, even paranoid. She may sometimes protect her heart from you or even jump to conclusions and assume that you are going to hurt her too. As best you can remind her that while these actions are common, they are not conducive to your relationship. You are not the one who hurt her and therefore, you must be separated from her defenses. Keep the communication lines open and encourage her to let you know what you can do to draw the line between the past hurts and the present relationship between the two of you.

Don’t spend valuable time apologizing for things someone else did, not you. It’s normal to apologize to your new partner for things that happened to her in the past. But…don’t! You are not the one who hurt her. Don’t take those things on. Only apologize for the things you do. Otherwise, you are apt to take blame and responsibility for actions you are not at fault for. Know the difference between sympathy and taking the rap for someone else’s actions.

Let her know you appreciate her. When a woman has been hurt, she tends to have a number of negative thoughts and feelings. She needs to hear that you appreciate her. She also needs to know the specific things you like about her. Build her up. She is in need of all the positivity you can send her way. If you like the way she talks, the way she walks, her kind heart, or her fiery spirit, share those thoughts with her.

Be patient. Broken hearts don’t mend overnight. It takes time for a heart to heal. You can help, but it won’t be an instant fix. Be patient if she is not ready to get serious right away. Be patient if she needs to be assured more than most women. Whatever baggage she is bringing into the new relationship needs to be dealt with, indeed. But, it doesn’t have to be all at once. Be understanding and let her take all the time she needs to wipe the slate clean and start a relationship fresh.

Show her a new way to have an awesome relationship. Sometimes, a woman who has a broken heart knows nothing else. Old patterns can cause heartache in every relationship. She may expect her heart to be broken each time she falls for someone and therefore, it is. Some women know nothing but heartbreaks, so take the time and make the effort to show and tell her than your new relationship can be nothing short of amazing.

Dating a woman whose heart has been broken can be difficult. Those types of women can be high maintenance because they are defensive and sometimes even offensive, expecting the worst in the new relationship too. But, with the terrific tips above, you can help her start a brand new love and the two of you can enjoy what others only dream of.


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